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Car Upholstery Specialists

Rex Motor Trimmers, a division of Foam and Upholstery Centre has 15 years experience in Furniture and car seat restoration.

Trust the experts with your next Upholstery restoration.

Auto Trimming and Supplies

Suppliers of Quality Auto Trimming Vinyl, Fabrics and Upholstery Tools in Pretoria.

Auto trimmers in Pretoria, a division of Foam and Upholstery Centre is a supplier of quality Vinyl, Upholstery products, and tools.

The biggest supplier of Auto Trimmers, Upholstery Vinyl, fabric, and Upholstery tools.

Most car interiors and roof linings get worn out. Worn out linings and carpets removes the pleasing look of a car. It is, therefore, important to look for the best-experienced auto trimmers in Pretoria to fix such issues.

Rex Motor trimmers in Pretoria go to the extent of fixing gear boots and door panels. Additionally, the experts refurbish the motor leather seats to look as new. While working with Rex Motor trimmers, it is possible to renew the leather of your car. They change the leather and make it unique from the common in the market. Repairing car leather seats help to revitalize the look of the car seats.

Rex Motor trimmers in Pretoria offer a guarantee on workmanship and deliver services quickly. While working with Pretoria experts, you can be sure to experience the best service of imported leather for motor car interior roofing and seats. We use the best leather quality.

Rex Motor trimmers supply the quality automotive acoustic and trim components. Such material allows you to experience the value of your money and comfort deserved in a car. Most of the auto trimmers have experience in different type of cars. In such a manner they deliver the best service to clients with various motor types. It is easy to contact auto trimmers in Pretoria because they own websites online containing their contacts for easy reach.

Foam and Upholstery Centre is a supplier of quality Vinyl, Upholstery products and tools.





Foam and Upholstery Centre Foam Products

Foam Upholstery Products

Sunbird Auto specializes in all types foam upholstery products and mattresses, supplying foam in various densities for customized applications.
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Upholstery Fabrics

Combining different fabrics and patterns, textures, plains and colours is you choice out of our large selection of Upholstery Fabrics.

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Upholstery Vinyl

We offer vehicle auto trimming leather, vinyl and cloth upholstery products, for roof linings and seat repairs. View our Vinyl products here….

Auto Trimming Upholstery Tools

Upholstery Tools

Foam and Upholstery Centre stock a wide variety qulity of auto trimming and furniture upholstery tools. Visit our Store Products here….

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